Acerus is currently focusing its development efforts on creating new best-in-class versions of existing pharmaceutical compounds utilizing our novel nasal delivery platform.

In addition, we intend to pursue business development opportunities relating to on-market (or advanced-stage) commercial products through acquisition or in-licensing. We will prioritize acquisitions that align with our current focus in Men’s Health (Urology) and Women’s Health (Hormone Replacement Therapy, Female Sexual Dysfunction), or that provide cost or revenue synergies – especially for assets we are considering for our Canadian business. However, we are open to consideration of opportunities in other complimentary therapeutic areas.

We also have an interest in partnership with third parties in jurisdictions outside of Canada that have the requisite expertise in marketing pharmaceutical products, as well as sufficient resources to effectively commercialize our products at a favourable value inflection point for each of our pipeline programs.

Acerus offers in-house expertise at all stages of the pharmaceutical product lifecycle, from clinical and regulatory competency to full Canadian commercial sales and marketing capabilities.

For more information on partnership opportunities with Acerus, please contact us at